Welcome to the world of an artist!

I am Anita Karma, an artist and interior designer from the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. My abstract art is full of vibrant colours, playfulness and stories, which may take you to the places you never been before.

I do find inspiration from life itself. It can be a smile from someone on a street, wildflower garden or just a box of new brushes. My grandfather, who was an artist, has been the guiding light and also interior design studies in Portugal have had a great influence on my art journey. My artwork always has a touch of my emotions and feelings. Today, beside painting and design, I am doing my Master’s degree in Art Teacher at Tallinn University.

More than just pictures

In the web gallery you can find many paintings from the last couple of years out of which some have found a way in to private collections in Estonia, Italy and Russia. Some are open for eyes in public exhibitions and waiting for the one to inspire spirit with humbleness and joy. All my paintings are originals. If you feel connected to one of my paintings or you are interested in collaboration, please get in touch with me! I look forward to meet you at my exhibitions and you are always welcome to enjoy the wonder of colours on my web page gallery.

My daily duties involve interior design, which makes it easy to be in your assistance for designing your home or commercial rooms. Please, have a look into my references. We will light up life in your space!

I hope to be of service.

Anita Karma